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                作者:六合全年开奖历史记录[发表时间]:2019-12-15 [来源]:小学高端英语教育项目组


                At the onset of this semester, the high-end English education project group of the primary school launched a teaching and research activity, which laid a solid foundation for the teaching afterwards. The purpose of this activity was to provide an opportunity for exchanging and mutual learning within the group as well as to better prepare the teachers for future teaching.


                This teaching and research activity included demo-classes and a seminar. Before the seminar, Liam and Robert, the two foreign teachers in the group, each gave a demo-class. In Liam's class, the students were absorbed all through and amused frequently. Liam exemplified the usage of words with all sorts of funny body languages and tended to provoke the students’ thought in brainstorms. Every student was encouraged to thought and spoke. Zeng Xueyao, the Chinese co-teacher designed the board to reflect the whole structure of the lesson. Robert’s lesson included five clear-cut parts. Each was designed as a review of the last part, and at the mean time to lay grounds for the next in terms of vocabulary and syntax. In order to arouse the enthusiasm of learning and engage the students, the students were put into groups and encouraged to answer questions to gain points for his or her group.


                The seminar after the demo-classes was presided by Song Hualei, director of the project. In the meeting, Liam and Robert introduced their lesson plans respectively, including each procedure of the lessons, the purposes of designing them and the objective effects achieved. The two Chinese co-teachers, Zeng Xueyao and Chen Feng Yiyi also introduced their parts in the class.



                After their introduction and sharing, the other foreign teachers and Chinese co-teachers of the team either gave comments or made advices to the teaching. Paulette, in approval of the class management and designing of each part of the lesson, said that the group scoring method could easily motivate and engage the students, the way how each part of the lesson was designed to facilitate the teaching and learning in the next part and how the learned knowledge was integrated into the new teaching content were worth learning. Song Hualei and the other teachers also thought highly of how their teaching simplified difficult knowledges to attend to the needs of those who were relatively behind in English learning.


                At the end of the meeting, Song thanked the teachers for the great efforts the teachers had dedicated to teaching. She said that she was amazed by such a great work they had done and was confident that the project team as a whole would provide more wonderful classes with even more enriched knowledge to the students. In addition to mutual learning, the meeting also greatly boosted each group member’s confidence.

                (供稿:小学高端英语教育项目组 编辑:王天慈)