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                [发表时间]:2019-11-08 [来源]:小学高端英语教育项目组

                Learning and Innovating, Sailing for a Broad Sea

                 ---The Primary School High-end English Education Project Series Report: Moments in the Foreign Teacher’s Class--Grade One


                It is late October, and the new semester has started for nearly two months. After two months’ intensive and orderly work, the courses of the primary school high-end English education project are now completely on the right track. The class design, especially that of the foreign teachers’ lessons in Grade one, is the highlight of the project.


                Being innovative and combining teaching and entertaining, the foreign teachers’ lessons perfectly carried out the purpose of the high-end English education project. Basing on the characteristics of the psychological development of 7-8-year-old children, the foreign experts have designed many high-quality courses. In addition to linguistic courses, which are the basis of the curriculum, there are also diversified and personalized courses in this project to cultivate in the students senses of music and art as well as the ability of science and sports.


                In the project’s Art class, the children make hats and schoolbags, draw about festival activities, or make “get well” cards for people they care about under the help of foreign teachers and the Chinese co-teachers. In the pictures, students are absorbed in creating, and their works, either exquisite or bold, are products of marvelous abstract mind work and show their infinite potential.



                The intention behind card-making is profound. When the children are making “get well” cards for the sick teacher, they are not only developing their physical and mental abilities, but more importantly, they are learning the art of love and care-- art is an expression of love, and love and care is the origin of artistic creation.



                In the project’s Music class, in order to develop the children's sense of rhythm, the project team has purchased a variety of basic instruments. The students can learn knowledge about the instruments and how to play them. In the picture, under the guidance of foreign teachers and Chinese co-teachers, the children are twisting their waists, clapping their hands and dancing with the beats of music. Many gifted students get plenty of chances to perform in front of the whole class.



                The project’s PE class is a great time for games and building physical strength. Introducing games into classes not only brings fun to the learning process, helps improve physical fitness, but also provides children with a context of English communication. When doing these carefully designed linguistic games, they are putting what they learned into practice until they eventually command the knowledge.


                The project’s Science class is not only to enrich children's knowledge, but also to develop their ability of observation and exploration. In Science class, the students observe and draw objects, learn how to read clocks, study about food classification and design their own future robots. In the process of learning, they turn out to be too good a bunch of observers and discoverers. Their heads are filled with countless great ideas. These precious qualities are perfectly reflected by the robots they designed. In this class, they learn English and ask questions in English. They are taught to observe and think before they can finally draw a conclusion.


                The courses of the high-end English education project of primary school have been carefully planned to ensure the children a favorable environment for learning, innovating, loving and growing. We have set sail and are ready to embrace the broad sea.

                (供稿:小学高端英语教育项目组 编辑:王天慈)