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                作者:六合全年开奖历史记录[发表时间]:2019-11-21 [来源]:

                1120日,初三年级英语外教Miss. Emily进行了初三高端英语项目雅思口语公开课展示,她带来了一堂生动活泼,非常具有示范性的雅思口语教学。初中高端英语项目负责人张丽君主任以及其他组内中外教共同观摩听课。


                首先,Miss Emily用学生们非常熟悉的attendance questions开始和学生们进行互动。这堂课的主要教学目标是让学生们了解如何讲一个小故事,即对突发状况的场景描写,教师提问“In emergencies, do you freak out or are you as cool as a cucumber? 在遇到紧急情况时,你会惊慌失措还是镇定自若?”通过这个环节,不仅能便于老师了解学生的出勤情况,还能让每个学生表达对问题的观点。接着,教师让学生完成课本上的连线题,将一些线索、细节与故事主干连线,让学生对如何讲故事有一个初步印象。随后,播放关于主人公Abi如何应对突发事件的听力,让学生回答四个有关故事主干的问题,即“Where was Abi? What happened? How well did he communicate? Why does he remember the situation?”了解故事脉络之后,外教带领学生一起提炼并总结听力内容中描述故事阶段的时间连接词以及如何表达原因的句式,为之后的口语表达做铺垫。



                为了让学生更加清晰如何讲述故事,外教再次引导学生总结讲述故事的要点,比如“我”当时正在做什么、突然发生了什么事情、“我”是如何解决的、为什么这件事情是令“我”印象深刻。随后,外教以自己的亲身经历为例,给学生示范并引导学生如何一步步讲述故事的经过。此外,外教还强调了在叙述整个故事的时候可能用得到的时态,对应的时间词和连接词等细节。 最后,学生进行pair work,分别转述教师的经历,进一步内化本节课的重点内容,最后,引导学生分享自己的一段经历。整堂课任务有层级,一环扣一环,既调动了学生的学习兴趣也培养了学生的逻辑思维能力。






                外教Miss Emily 公开课反思

                Reflection on Open Class

                      The open class this time was a new experience for me, since it was my first time teaching IELTS material for an open class. Honestly, I wasn’t very confident about the class, and I think there are many things that could have gone better. However, I believe I was able to achieve my objectives.

                      In the process of planning the lesson, Cora gave me some suggestions, which were very helpful (that I needed to focus more on the verb tense, and that I also needed to design a worksheet for the students to give them more space to write). I tried to implement these suggestions, and they both proved to be essential to the lesson.

                      Overall, the students were able to achieve the objectives in the lesson. They can now better use phrases to mark the stages of a story, and they were also reminded to use the past tense when telling stories. I hope to give the students more guided practice with this topic, though, to better reinforce what they learned in the open class and to help them be able to speak more freely on other topics.

                      There are some things that I think I can do better as well. Firstly, I could have done a better job of engaging the class. I felt that the students were nervous and self-conscious, and I needed to do a better job of pulling them out of that state. Secondly, I should have had the students present their speaking practice. This would have given the students a chance to hear a good example of the story and also to encourage them. Thirdly, I am still trying my best to better engage students whose English level is lower in the class, but this is an ever-present struggle for me, especially for students who aren’t motivated to study. Hopefully, I can help the students to love learning more.

                      Overall, I believe it was a successful lesson, because I was able to achieve my objectives, but, again, I still believe that there are many things that I can do better. Perhaps I can improve by continuing to observe other teachers’ lessons. It has been very helpful for me so far!

                Emily Hein

                (撰稿:初中高端英语项目 王珊 编辑:王天慈)